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Terraplantae, the leading terrarium business in the Philippines that pioneered several firsts and innovations in the local industry, started as a breakthrough niche business in July 2020. 

Back then, there was no to little presence of terrariums in social media and starting the hobby and business then was a challenge especially for Terraplantae who only had SerpaDesign as the source of information. 

We saw this as an opportunity to gain a footing and establish the business. This paved the way to Terrarium Philippines, the only leading local platform for both the artists, hobbyists, and customers.

 Terraplantae, as a brand was also created, with its banner website: HowToMakeTerrarium.com, the first and only local online platform that creates tips and guides for terrarium hobbyists and newbies. The website also features beautiful terrariums from around the world that is worth sharing. 

Terraplantae Gardening Services

As of 2022, Terraplantae is officially a legal business and doing business as Terraplantae Gardening Services. We expanded and entered various partnerships and collaborations with artists, NGOs, and other private organizations. Currently, we are the leader in providing corporate workshops, large volume terrarium kit provision, and moss acclimation and release. 

Terraplantae sees itself as the pioneer in most innovations terrarium-related and envisions itself to be the leader in all things terrarium. With the current growth, Terraplantae would like to also compete in the international arena and waved the Philippine flag in the global market.


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Froilan Aloro

Froi is a Registered Nurse by profession and an active volunteer in different socio-civic activities which include medical missions, biodiversity awareness campaigns, and environmental and wildlife conservation programs. He is also a freelance and part-time research consultant having handled research from various disciplines and industries both local and abroad. He is also the Founder and Owner of TerraPlantae, a leading local terrarium brand that pioneered the commercialization of terrariums, moss-in-tubs, and plants-in-tubs in 2020. He is also the Founder and Owner of HowToMakeTerrarium.com— the only local platform dedicated to everything terrarium. He also owns The Raya Experience which is an integrated diversified farm located in Tanay that promotes bio-eco-tourism in Rizal. Outside his day job, he enjoy spending time watching TV, reading online articles, and try different sports and outdoor activities.

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