Local Scenic Places Glassed by Terrafinity for Its Jungle and Island Series

(Interview with Michael Raphael Louis Manes of Terrafinity)

Since the surge and growth of the terrarium community in July 2020, we have been seeing a lot more designers, artists, and hobbyists innovate and upgrade their designs and showcase them for us to feast on and indulge. These eye-candy, artworthy terrariums are now part of our daily lives which we look forward to being posted by our local artists. One noteworthy newcomer is Terrafinity, owned and managed by Michael Raphael Louis Manes, one of the Manes siblings known for their works in the aquascaping space. With that, let us get to know Terrafinity more:

When did you start making terrariums and what was your motivation in doing so?

My brother first introduced me to terrariums. He mentioned that it would fit me since I love arts and designing since then. So, I began to make them in May 2021, just recently. And he was very generous in providing me with materials for free for me to start with such as an aquarium tank, garden soil, pebbles, and plants as well. And from those materials, I made my first terrarium.

What was the inspiration behind Terrafinity?

I coined Terrafinity by taking the first word terra from the word “terrarium” and finity from “infinity”. This is after our goal of providing infinite terrariums and paludariums that’s why we came up with the name Terrarinity in the process. Terrafinity is derived from my love of islands and forests for they bring that placid feeling and we want to share that same experience with everyone.

Terrafinity’s Signature design is the Jungle/Island Series, what’s the story behind this?

Jungle and Forest Series’ is Terrafinity’s trademark design inspired by the staggering number of the Philippine Islands.

What are we looking forward to from Terrafinity?

Terrafinity will create designs for the 7,000 Philippine Islands and forests in respect to our archipelagic setting.

Any advice to the curious audience out there who wants to create their own terrariums too?

Always start with the basics. Invest in knowledge first, just like when we are learning to read by memorizing the alphabet first.

Best professional advice for the terrarium enthusiasts out there?

Keep doing what you love.

Learn more about Terrafinity and their projects

You can reach them through their social media accounts: Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Terrafinity.PH/ Instagram: @terrafinity.PH

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