Miniature Toys, TV and Movie Scenes – Who Says You Cannot Make Terrariums from Those? Ask Randal Ng of Terra.cp

Miniature Toys, TV and Movie Scenes

Who Says You Cannot Make Terrariums from Those? Ask Randal Ng of Terra.cp As the local scene is becoming active in terrariums, we the local audience is enjoying seeing a lot of designs and themes that are delectable to the senses. With that, one artist came up with unique, fun, and very promising designs— one that involve miniature toys, movie scenes, and TV shows, and seemingly simple yet clean and beautiful designs, Terra.cp by Randal Ng.

The Beginning

Randal, the founder and owner of Terra.cp, as most of us can probably relate to started his terrarium journey during the onset of the quarantine brought by the pandemic. As with the rest of us that found a way to distract ourselves from what is currently going on and in pursuit of a new hobby to also improve his creativity, Randal found himself creating his terrarium. His motivation to pursue creating more terrariums was when he got featured in terrarium. imaginarium’s Instagram page which gathered an audience that liked his designs, giving him the boost to create more terrariums.Randal found a new passion to pursue which motivated him to improve his designs and be successful in the terrarium industry. To date, he continues to improve his craft by trying out new styles and designs.

The Terra.cp Signature

Terra.cp’s designs and concepts are leaning toward themed terrariums. Themed terrariums where he uses miniature toys as a hardscape for the landscape or if not, he takes inspiration from scenes on a TV show at times. But mostly, he just leaves it to his imagination to come up with a unique concept, the Terra.cp way. This is also true to the foal of Terra.cp— which is creating terrariums where you as an audience can make you imagine yourself in it. Terra.cp, according to Randal, finds his uniqueness from realistic designs added by his own imagination to create individual uniquely designed terrariums. According to him, it takes him weeks or months just to create one terrarium to ensure that every detail compliments each other. This adds up to the entire look and feel of a terrarium the Terra.cp way.

The Future of Terra.cp

For Randal, he wants to explore more and add aquascaping to the designs for Terra.cp. He also added that he wants to add at least one recycled material to this designs he create to help reduce waste while continuously improving his creativity and adaptability.

Top 3 Lessons for Newbies and Starters

First, one must need to understand the needs of the moss, or the plants used, which up until now, Randal seeks to understand and learn more. He makes it a habit to ask the fellow members of Terrarium Philippines which he also says that one should not be afraid to ask the questions from the group. Second, one must know the basic needs of the terrarium so that it can build its own ecosystem. For example, adding the false bottom then charcoal, before putting the substrate make the false bottom act as drainage while the charcoal keeps the terrarium clean. One can also opt to add springtails or isopods to be the clean-up crew of the terrarium. Last, you must enjoy and have fun while creating your terrarium, by doing so, there is a huge chance that your very first successful terrarium. To find Terra.cp, please follow the official Facebook Page at: The terrariums made by Terra.cp are for sale and for customized designs and pricing, you can reach out to their Facebook Page instead.