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Learn the basics

How to make a terrarium

Terrarium actually means “an enclosed earth” that was coined from terra which means earth in Latin, and arium which was adopted from aquarium for the enclosure portion.

26 Best Plants for Terrariums

Tropical plants are highly recommended for terrariums due to their capability to tolerate the high humidity and the high moisture environment inside the terrarium.

5 Best Terrarium Animals – List of Top Terrarium Animals

Here is a list of the animals we highly recommend for terrariums.

5 Easiest Designs for DIY Terrariums

To help you transition and ease your design inspiration, we have compiled the top 5 designs commonly used in terrarium-making and landscaping.

Featured Articles

The Taraki-Styled Mossariums

As we all agree, the pandemic really changed our lives since it hit the world during the last quarter of 2019. It may have been hard for most of us, but on the brighter side, it brought us back to the confines of our homes. Being stuck at home, we all sorted to all forms of hobbies, craft, and business endeavors. Sure, you may have already heard of terrariums and the magnificent world inside it.

Local Scenic Places Glassed

Local Scenic Places Glassed by Terrafinity for Its Jungle and Island Series (Interview with Michael Raphael Louis Manes of Terrafinity)

Miniature Toys, TV and Movie Scenes

Who Says You Cannot Make Terrariums from Those? Ask Randal Ng of Terra.cp

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Good to know

Make Your Own Terrarium

5 Myths You Need To Know

How To Take Care Of Your Isopods

Cubaris murina—In Perspective

5 Plant Identification Free-Apps Review

Find Out Which One Scored the Highest!

Fittonia Care Tips

Few things you need to know.

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